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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth

The 'reality' of ME

Wednesday - 2 Aug 2006
Las Vegas , Nevada - U. S. A.

truth and reality

Truth and reality are obviously not what they seem. Truth says that the reality of my existence is what I can sense with the five senses. What about the things I feel with my other sense? And what is truth anyway? "truth is relative" is a famous quote. It's true. My truth is that I am on my way to becoming a Chovihana, or shaman of the Rom. Funny. Five years ago I'd have said I was a Baptist. That never felt right though. After discovering We Borrow the Earth, and subsequently myself and power, I delved deeper into my heritage. Four years ago I'd have said that I was Polish from Catholic stock. Now I know better. I found that I am indeed Rom. I never thought when I started this journal that I would be able to write that. It was a mystery to me that I was able to do the things I did, or had been through things I had. Amazing! My "truth" and "reality" was far different than it is today. I am very proud to have found my calling, and to be of the blood of the great people. No matter what others say about it.

all things have life
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