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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth

Ownership and Other Crimes

Monday - 4 Oct 2004
here on , earth - U. S. A.

Returning to the past...

Gypsies in times before had ample opportunity to commune with the spirits of the forrest, to walk under leafy green boughs, and rest up against some thick trunk while eating their fruit and tea. Now, doing such things will inevitably get the bobbies or police called, and charges of tresspassing on private property. How far down does that private property go? All the way to the earth's molten core? How about all the way through? What about when the state owns it? Is that still tresspassing if you submit yourself to that form of government?

How can we return to the more simpler times when the simpler times went away with the idea of ownership?

the sadness behind the sins.

How sad that we live in a time when ancient peoples can no longer communicate with their ancestors because someone thinks they can own something that will never be theirs. If it cannot go with you when you die, or be burned with you on your funeral pyre, then it is left behind for someone else. It is not really yours.

The Romani know this. In fact, as they are forced more and more into an industrialized world, they are also forced to -purchase- land to place their wagons, wives, and children on. They are forced to send their children to school, when, to the Romani, other skills are necessary for survival. Teachers laugh when a child calls a hedgehog a "hitchiwichi" and insists that it is a real word.

Because of this, their mulo becomes attached to items that must be burned upon death to allow the mulo to leave.

Redemption in knowledge.

Maybe some day people will know that they can never truly own anything. Not Land, not children, not spouses, not animals, not pottery, not religion, not anything. Someday they will know that we can only Borrow The Earth.

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