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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth


Saturday - 28 Jul 2007
Las Vegas , nevada - U. S. A.

After several years of studying Romany Shamanism, after finding out I have Romany blood, and was in fact, destined to be a shaman, my life finally feels fulfilled. I need no man to make me whole, I am whole. I have talked at length with my ancestors and learned from them. I have sang to the earth, and heard her sing back. Happiness has suffused my whole body. Yet I also have the same everyday problems of everyone else. Unlike most everyone else, though, I have a different way of dealing with it. Instead of wondering why God is doing something to me, or why things are so unfair, I just accept that this is the way things are and try to fix it or move on. Meditation is great for understanding such things.


Meditation can be as simple as sitting comfortably, playing a noise that is comforting, but not distracting. Let your problems flow through you like a river. See streams flowing off the river. These are your solutions. Find one that seems like an acceptable solution, follow the stream to its end. Does it really seem like the right solution? If not, go back to the river and find another stream. When you find the right solution, come back out of your meditation. You must follow through on whatever the best solution was. This does not mean that the best solution will arrive the first time you meditate on the issue. Maybe you'll have to take some time, wait for other things to come to be before a solution that is acceptable arrives. Be careful and consider all options. Do not become fatalistic or settle. Wait for what you need rather than accepting that what you need will never come. Consider what you think you need. Do you really need it? or would something else fulfill your needs also?

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