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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth

all things have life

Saturday - 14 Jan 2006
Or maybe there , here - U. S. A.


According to the Romany, all things have life. As a little girl, I beleived this. I got angry when I hit my feet on things. I yelled at inanimate objects. I listened to them speak, and spoke back. Many people thought I'd out-grow this. I didn't. I just stopped doing it because people told me to. I did a lot of things because people told me to. I didn't like making others uncomfortable, but other things became uncomfortable because I pretended not to hear them. How sad. I hate it when people pretend not to hear me.

Things disappear and then reappear where I left them all the time. This probably happens to you too. It's real, folks. No, I am not crazy. I am a Gypsy Shaman. and I am proud to have finally realized it through realizing I am part of everything, and everything has a voice.

Now, I yell at things again, but I talk nicely to them too. I name random things again, just like I used to. I am happier for it, because the things around me are happier too.


There is a theory that when the atomic bomb was set off, the spirits of the world fled into electrical lines where they were safe. This is not particularly Romany, but it might make sense. It seems all the fey have disappeared. Could this be where they have gone?

Perhaps, but I believe that the computers have a life of their own, and if the fey do live in electrical lines, that they use computers or toasters for hubs to gather in. More likely, they use servers where there is more space..


No. I am not crazy, or even a little whack. Believe me. I've had my doctor check into that. I just have a different faith than is acceptable in this day. five hundred years ago it would have been accepted, and one thousand years ago, taken as truth in many groups. Then again, four hundred years ago, I'd have been burned at the stake. Thank goodness times have changed and that all I have to worry about is being sent to a mental hospital if I preach it too loudly.

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