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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth

Being on the Offensive

U. S. A.

How do others react to our ways?

Mnay people are offended by the Romany way of life. They get angry when you find reasons to laugh about sad things. They don't like jokes about death and other unhappy events. No one wants to acknowledge that the laughter can ease the pain like nothing else. Many get angry when you just say the word Gypsy. How sad, How sad.

What can we do to not offend?

There is not much we can do when others refuse to deal with our culture, even as we are forced to deal with thiers. Telling others that you are Romany is probably a bad idea. Their first reaction is most likely to assume you are a thief. Some people get fighting mad over it with no provocation.

Another thing we can do is educate people. With the coming of modern civilization, Romanies have had to adjust, and thier culture almost wiped out because travel is now resticted, gathering herbs from the woods is illegal, communing with nature is something to get arrested for because someone thinks they own that land, when really, the lad owns them. Try not to get caught, don't steal, ask before borrowing, and seek permission from the land's "owner" before walking through "their" forrests.

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