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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth

The power of females

Monday - 13 Sep 2004
here , or there - U. S. A.

What women mean

Women in Romani societies seem downtrodden, or oppresed, much like the fundamentalist Christian female. Even the words fe-MALE and wo-MAN indicate who's really running things. Hell, HIS-story? But that doesn't mean that women do not have power. Are women not the ones to raise the precious male babies? Do we not insist on our right to vote, and some of us the right to be drafted? Even as women outside the barriers of the Gypsy clan have power, so do the women inside. They have their own majick, shaman or no.

Female majick

Women of the Rom are considered powerful all the time. With a swish of her skirt she can curse her cheating spouse. With a little blood and sand in some pudding she can snare a man for life, she needs no shamanic abilities to achieve this. Any female can do it. Their power is considered greatly increased when they are come upon their monthly cycles. They wear a smock to let everyone know about it (something most American women raised in Christian homes would be embarassed about) so that no man can say he did not know and set off her rage inadvertantly, thus possibly condemning himself for life to misery. When a Gypsy femal has a baby, only other women are allowed with her because it is considered majick to bring a child into this plane of existence. No male will go into that room for three days at least lest his mulo be sucked into the world the child had just come from.

Weilding feminine powers

As you probably know, women in the outside world are often considered to have great powers of seduction. All women have powers over thier men (or their women) and it is difficult to resist an adorable and precocious little girl, more so than a little boy, proving that we are born with these powers.

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