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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth

How it all got started...

Friday - 13 Aug 2004
Las Vegas , Nevada - U. S. A.

The beginning

So it was my best friend's birthday, and as usual, that is the day we exchange gifts. Not on mine. Besides, it's just easier because that is when we are both in town.

Anyway, She presented me with this book on Romany Shamanism, written by a Rom to try to create more tolerance for what they do.

I then proceeded to get very drunk, as is the tradition for my friend's birthday, and then I was very hung over the next day, but I started reading this book at about four in the afternoon (when my hang-over had dissipated enough).

Next thing I know, I'm submersed in childhood memories, as this old Gypsy describes his. I keep thinking, "I did that!" Or "Hey, me too!" and so I figured that I might have finally found what I needed spiritually.

I may not have been raised a Gypsy, but I certainly lived like one as much as possible.


SO my Great Grandparents came from Poland. They came in the 1920's with their families during a time when problems with the Jews and Rom were coming to a head in Poland. They came and decided to stop traveling and to live like the gadje in order to protect themselves and their families. Then they had my grandfather, who married a gadje. They gave birth to my mother, who also married a gadje. I am only a quarter Romani, but any Romani is Romani completely, and I still live according to the laws of marhime.

Continuing on the path of enlightenment
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