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Trekking in Nepal


14 Oct 2000  thru   20 Nov 2000

Step right this way.

All Aboard!

We're not in Kansas anymore.

Things are heating up, getting emotional and deities are crawling out of the woodwork. We're heading into the sub-continent. First stop Nepal.

* * *
Il fait plus chaud, les odeurs montent de partout et les deites se multiplient... Nous partons pour un bon trois semaines en trekking vers des Sommets enneiges et des villages recules.

The Chapters of Trekking in Nepal...
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Hunting the Mountains  Nepal   24 Dec 2000
Finding Ourselves  Nepal   23 Dec 2000
Meeting With Nepalese  Nepal   24 Dec 2000
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Chapters of Trekking in Nepal
  Hunting the Mountains
  Finding Ourselves
  Meeting With Nepalese
  Gompa Erection


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