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Rock Paintings

Tuesday - 16 Nov 2004
Twyfelfontein - Namibia

Rock engravings at Twyfelfontein

San Rock Engravings

Twyfelfontein ("Doubtful Spring") has one of the most extensive galleries of rock engravings in the world. They aren't really paintings, but have been done by cutting through the hard surface layer of sandstone. More than 2000 petroglyphes have been counted here, and in 1952, the valley of Twyfelfontein was proclaimed a National Monument. The rock engravings are found on a number of smooth rock surfaces and most of them depict animals and their tracks. Scientists have estimated their ages to vary between 1000 and 10000 years: The majority agrees on an age of about 6000 years. We were told that this sight could have been a classroom!

Unidentified reptile

This unidentified reptile joined us for a drink at the Twyfelfontein Country Lodge after visiting the rock engravings.

Sunset at our bush camp

Hours after Twyfelfontein, we pulled off the road and found a nice quiet place to pitch our tents in the desert. There was not another soul for miles around!! We enjoyed the sunset, barbequed, and settled in for a peaceful sleep.

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