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Sesriem Canyon

Sunday - 21 Nov 2004
Seeriem - Namibia

The view from our tent

Continuing through the Namib (actual means 'very dry plain') we then camped near the beautiful Sesriem Canyon ( means 'six thongs' - the number of joined leather ox-wagon thongs needed to draw water from the gorge. It is very difficult to explain the beauty & camlness of the desert. This beautiful view was just outside where we pitched our tents!

Bryce and Nicole wading through the canyon

The hike down the canyon was well pathed on one side (the way Janet took with the camera) and quite challenging on the other (no pictures as Rick scrambled down without the camera)! Usually there is very little water and one can walk from one end to the other. Not this time! Nicole & Bryce did try to wade across but gave up after the water was thigh high!

This was the mountain on the other side of the canyon. Rick did not have enough climbing and took up the dare of being able to get to the top & back down before the quickly setting sun (about 40 minutes) placed him in pitch darkness. That white speck is our Rick half way to the top ....round trip 27 minutes. Needless to say he had many free drinks & congratulations that night!!!

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