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Cape Seals

Monday - 15 Nov 2004

Cape seals, with a couple of sea gulls

Cape Cross

Cape Cross boasts a population of 40,000 Cape Seals. You need a strong stomach or good head cold to be able to take the stench!!

Here we witnessed the brutality of survival. Males continually defending their territories and females delivering and protecting their young.

Seal with newborn pup

Thousands of seals were giving birth and the pups had a 75% chance of survival. The lucky pups learned how/where to suckle. Dead pups were not an uncommon sight.

Mothers were looking for lost pups and lost pups looking for their mothers. It was heartwrenching to watch, not to mention listening to their hauting calls.


Seals have highly capillerized tails. The mother pictured here lifts here tail to be warmed in the sun. Junior still hasn't learned that trick - he/she's just happy to be fed and able to sit upright!

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