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Macedonia - A Land of Contrasts

Old Skopje

Skopje - Macedonia

A fortress wall and the main mosque in Skopje

Fort Kale

Kale is a fortress that overlooks the river and the city from the old part of Skopje. The walls go back to the medieval era - 1200 or so. On my first visit in 1997 I was distracted from the view over the city by the litter and the sparse grass full of dust and rocks. That is the case no longer!

The present mayor of Skopje has done much to make Kale an attractive area to explore and enjoy. The difference from my first visit is incredible. Paved pathways, park benches and a stunning view over Skopje. And the fortress is lit at night.

The mosque to the right is the main one in Skopje, Mustapha Pasha.

Two friends rest and enjoy the view of Skopje

To the left is evidence of the mayor's work. Nice benches, walkways and the view over Skopje.

Below are the medieval walls of Kale.

The starry domes of Daut Pasha aman

Daut Pasha aman

Daut Pasha aman was orginally the largest turkish bath in the Balkans. It went broke because it was to large to heat! For me it is most magic place in Skopje - looking up and seeing the twinkle of the starry domes.

Now it is an art gallery - and on its way to being the NATIONAL art gallery.

Too bad they can't bring back the baths!

A small sheet-metal shop

The Old Bazaar

The Old Bazaar area is full of shops selling everything from the basics of life to gold jewelry. The sign on the shop says "limar" or sheetmetal. Below is a typical small alley in the baazar. The chairs are from a tearoom which no longer exists, alas.

Land of Contrasts
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