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Panteleimon monastery church


The frescoes inside the church are considered the finest in Macedonia. Photographs are not permitted, but here is a small image of the "Lamentation". Below is the view of Skopje from Panteleimon taken Fall 1999.

Sveti Andreij - Matka

This church is small, but contains a number of well-preserved frescoes. The one below is from the dome above the altar.

A well-dressed saint!

More frescoes from Matka. Below are St Peter & Paul.

Sveti Joakim Osogovski

Joakim Osogovski is located near the Bulgarian border. The churches [16th and 19th century] are not exceptional. What *is* exceptional is the natural setting of the monastery. I had a halting conversation with an old nun [in Macedonian] about the monastery, where I was from and the dire state of the world.

The frescoes shown here are on the outside of the larger church and date from the 19th century.

Matka Canyon
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