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Teaching English in Queretaro, Mexico


28 Dec 2001

Me in Queretaro, Qro, Mexico

This is my online journal about my experience of going to Queretaro, Mexico for three months to work as an English teacher. As I write this introduction, I am still at home in Minnesota. I'm not exactly sure what to expect at this point.

This is a photo of the city of Queretaro. (Obviously, I added this photo much later than when I wrote this introduction.) It is about a 2 hour drive north of Mexico City. I chose to go here in particular because I wanted to see the core culture of Mexico- somewhere that tourists haven't taken over. Mexico City would have been a very cool place to be, I'm sure, but far too intense for my first trip to the country. This town, I'm hoping, is close enough to get some of the vibe without all of the rush, crime, and pollution.

Technically speaking, I'm totally unprepared for this. Technically, I have never worked as a teacher, I don't speak Spanish, and I really don't know what I'm getting myself into.

But that's technically speaking. Practically speaking, I have a ton of experience working in educational situations which should make leading a small classroom seem easy. I'm good at figuring out Spanish, enough to get most of the jokes on the Univision comedy hour. ("Ay Mama!") And I've met lots of very cool Mexicans which gives me hope that their homeland will be a very fun and welcoming place. And no matter what happens, it will definitely be warmer than Minnesota in winter.

Thanks for checking out my journal. As I finish writing this introduction, I'm just as curious as you about what's coming next. Gracias y hasta luego . . .

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Chapters of Teaching English in Queretaro, Mexico
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