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Wylie and Helene


25 Aug 1999  thru   19 Sep 1999

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Helene and I spent a month roaming the hills of Romania. First we checked out the medival towns of Transylvania. Then we hiked the back country of Iza Valley, on the northern border by Ukraine.

Come and see what we discovered.

The Chapters of Romania...
Last Updated
Sibiu  Romania   4 Sep 1999
Sibiu and Beyond  Romania   4 Sep 1999
Sighisoara  Romania   3 Sep 1999
Sighisoara-plus  Romania   1 Oct 1999
Bran and Rishov Castles  Romania   9 Sep 1999
Brasov and Sinia  Romania   9 Sep 1999
Iza Valley - Introduction  Romania   30 Sep 1999
Hospitality  Romania   30 Sep 1999
Manual Labor  Romania   1 Oct 1999
Maison de Bois  Romania   30 Sep 1999
Churches at Glod and Botiza  Romania   1 Oct 1999
Maria  Romania   1 Oct 1999
Churches at Ieud  Romania   1 Oct 1999
Crucifixes and Crosses  Romania   30 Sep 1999
More Crosses  Romania   30 Sep 1999
Cold Springs and Wells  Romania   30 Sep 1999

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Chapters of Romania
  Sibiu and Beyond
  Bran and Rishov Castles
  Brasov and Sinia
  Iza Valley - Introduction
  Manual Labor
  Maison de Bois
  Churches at Glod and Botiza
  Churches at Ieud
  Crucifixes and Crosses
  More Crosses
  Cold Springs and Wells


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