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Wylie and Helene
Cape Town


26 Oct 1999  thru   29 Feb 2000

Table Mtn. in the back. Lions Head on the right.

Welcome to Cape Town

Cape Town is a fantastic place. Located at the southern tip of Africa, it has long been a melting pot of African, Western and Eastern peoples. Today most religions and cultures are represented here. People of all races walk the streets and there is an amazing tolerance of religion, race and sexuality. This tolerance over the years has lead to intermarriage and many Capetonians are an exotic mix of East and West.

Le drapeau multicolore de l'Afrique Du Sud reflete bien sa multhiethnicite. Les gens d'ici se categorisent comme suit: noir, colore ou blanc. Les rues de Cape Town peuvent paraitre a prime a bord dures avec les grilles devant chaque porte, les surveillants des rues qui vivent grace au tip qu'ils recoivent des passants qui apprecient leur presence securisante, etc...

Lion's Head drops right into the Ocean


The natural beauty of Cape Town is hard to describe or capture on film. Table mountain towers over 1000 meters above the city. Lions Head peak skirts the city to the west and drops right into the ocean along Clifton beach. The climate is Mediterranean and many tropic plants grace this fine city. Much of the architecture seems to be a mix of colonial and art deco.

Cape Town c'est en fait le symbole meme de la tolerance raciale, religieuse et sexuelle. Contrairement a d'autres villes de ce meme pays. Je ne sais pas si ce sont ces paysages spectaculaires qui les inspirent et leur permet cette temperance-compassion.

A Friendly Lot

The people here have been very friendly to us. Most are willing to meet you half way. Strangers have bought me beers and even a theater ticket! Groups will often invite you to join their conversation if you happen to be standing near by.

Les gens sont tres sympathiques. Ils accourent pour nous aider partout ou l'on va. Ils adorent parler egalement, ce qui me va tout a fait. Christopher commentait que les stations de radio musicales diffusent plus de discussions que de musique.

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