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Wylie and Helene
Cape Town

Our Neighborhood

Cape Town , Western Cape - South Africa

We Are Here

The purple dot marks where our apartment is. You can see Table Mountain to the back and Lionís Head to the right and a bit back, which is west of us. The Cape Town Harbor actually opens towards the north. We can walk to down town in 20 minutes. Sometimes we walk to the pass between Table Mountain and Lionís Head. We then can look out over Campís Bay and watch the sun set over the ocean.

Le point mauve sur la photo represente l'endroit ou nous vivons de facon tres specifiques. Merci a mon nerd de mari. On peut marcher jusqu'au centre-ville en moins de 20 minutes et on aime bien admirer le coucher du soleil du haut de la vallee entre les deux montagnes de la photo.

Home Sweet Home

Here is our apartment building, the yellow one in back! It sure has been great to have our own place. We moved in at the end of October and plan to stay through February.

The one bedroom apartment came fully furnished and even has a washing machine and balcony with a Bar-B-Que, or Braai as people say here.

Outside our kitchen window is a towering 8 foot poinsettia.

One of the things I like to most is being able to have raw oats with soy milk in the mornings.

Notre appart. est tout meuble. On y a meme trouve de la biere, des epingles a linge et un barbecue sur notre perron. Malheureusement, on a une television... Juste sous la fenetre de notre cuisine il y a un pointsettia de huit pieds...

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Still in Love

Helene and I have profited as a couple since arriving here. We have been feeling very much in love and happy with each other. I was getting a bit irritable being on the road and we both were missing the satisfaction of working. It has also been refreshing to not be glued to one another 25 hours a day. We both have jobs and our lives have actually become somewhat hectic with our volunteer work. We are both looking forward to January when the pace of things should slow down a bit!

Sans commentaires. Non c'est vrai que Chrisopher et moi nous sommes decouverts un nouvel amour pour l'un et l'autre. Maintenant qu'on travaille et que nous n'avons pas a etre ensemble 25 heures par jour, les choses roulent comme dans du beurre...Non c'est pas une joke cochonne.

An Afternoon Stroll

I walked around our neighborhood one afternoon and took some photos of what things look like. Here is another angle on Lionís Head.

Pas pire pareil ces petites photos hein?

Table Mountain

Here are a few more shots looking around with Table mountain in the background.

BTW - the tree on the left happens to be 150 foot Norfolk Pine!

C'est beau, c'est ben beau.

Its hard not to see a beautiful backdrop anywhere you look in town.

En marchant pour aller travailler je me surprends toujours a flaner devant ce genre de paysage.

Neighborhood Flower Vendor

This woman sells flowers and fruit from the park across the street from our apartment.

Many Fantastic Colors

Someoneís garden is out of control

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