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Wylie and Helene
Cape Town

Summer Solstice - The Hike

Wednesday - 22 Dec 1999
Cape Town , Western Cape - South Africa

The Reason for the Season

This year the moon was full on the same day as the Summer Solstice. Some friends and I decided to hike up one of the mountains that cradles Cape Town, Lionís Head peak. The plan was to watch the sunset and the moonrise in the evening, spend the night out, and then watch the moonset and the sunrise the next morning. The setting of both the sun and moon would be over the ocean. The rises would take place over Cape Town and its bay.

Le 22 Decembre 99, etait le solstice d'ete avec une pleine lune geante. Christopher et trois autres mousquetaires se sont lances a l'ascente de Lion's Head, une montagne de Cape Town. Ils avaient planifier de regarder le soleil couchant, le lune levante, dormir a la belle etoile et se reveiller a temps pour le leve du soleil, le lendemain matin.

Alley Oop

Well, as preparations were made, the women got timid and finally bailed. So in the end just 4 lads headed off with warm clothing, sleeping bags, food and other provisions ;)

Comme je travaillais toujours comme serveuse et que je venais de passer deux longues soirees, je n'arrivais pas a m'imaginer une autre nuit sans dormir.

We drove the car to the foot of Lionís Peak at 1000 feet. The climb up to the 2000 foot peak is mostly a well-trod footpath, but there are a few sections of chain ascent. The final ridge offered breathtaking views of the ocean on one side, the fair city of Cape Town on the other.

La montee de cette montagne est curieusement rapide. On se retrouve vite enrobee de brume par des journees plus venteuse, un peu comme au haut de tres hautes montagnes. Elle se trouve a 2000 pieds d'altitude mais l'ascente debute a plus de 1000 pieds.

It Doesnít Get Any Better Than This

When we got to the top it was already fairly crowded. More people continued to pile in until there were about 4 hundred in total. Most of the people came with their families and brought picnic dinners. People were in good spirits and perched on every flat spot the rocky summit offered.

Plus de 400 personnes se sont retrouves au sommet de Lion's Head. Il y avait beaucoup de familles qui avaient enmenes leur souper.

Our Neighbor - Table Mountain

The view along the coast and the neighboring mountains was superb, as it always is in this magical city. Here is Table Mountain, which stands at over 3000 feet.

Voici une vue de la montagne voisine qui se situe a plus de 3000 pieds d'altitude. Celle-la n'est pas aussi facile a monter. Surtout pas le lendemain de la veille, j'en ai l'experience.

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