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Kali Rose
Guatemala-La Vida Loca


Esta Biii-eennnnnn..

Guatemala-It started one verrrry early summer morning: June, 29th, 2003.~The begining of something great. We thought we were ready for anything, but when it came down to it..we hadn't a fuckin clue as to the adventures, trials, and people that awaited us there. Nothing could have prepared us for those 5 incredible weeks in Guate. Brace yourself folks, this is a loooong one.

The Chapters of Guatemala-La Vida Loca...
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Day One 29 Jun 2003  Guatemala   9 Oct 2003
Our Familia  Guatemala   9 Oct 2003
Mealtime=Beantime  Guatemala   13 Oct 2003

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Chapters of Guatemala-La Vida Loca
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