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Kirsten K. Kester
My Country - Denmark


Denmark is a beautiful country! And there are many great places to visit. To experience Denmark is a fairly easy task. Denmark is so small that you can make day trips and still be able to see a hole lot. Even though Denmark is a tiny country with an area of 42.394 sq km, we have a lot to offer!! Just think about H.C. Andersen, our great author and poet from the 1800´s. Our great many castles giving inspiration to Shakespeare, (1564-1616) writing The Hamlet. More up to date you can talk about Lego who, in my opinion makes the worlds best toy for kids. Not to mention the world largest container shipping company; created by the Dane Maersk McKinney Møller. For the thirsty ones we can mention our fantastic breweries; Tuborg and Carlsberg. Jørn Utzon, the man behind The Opera House in Sydney. And I guess I'll have to mention The Little Mermaid, who many believe to be the symbol of Denmark.


Danmark er et smukt land! Og der er mange skønne steder at besøge. At opleve Danmark er en forholdsvis let opgave. Danmark er så lille at man nemt kan tage på dagture og stadig se en masse. Selvom Danmark er et lille land med et areal på 42.394 km², har vi stadig en masse at tilbyde. Bare tænk på H.C. Andersen, vores store forfatter og poet i 1800-tallet. Vores mange slotte, der har givet Shakespeare, (1564-1616) inspiration til at skrive Hamlet. Vil man snakke mere nutidige ting, kunne man nævne Lego; der efter min mening producerer noget af verdens bedste legetøj. For ikke at glemme Maersk McKinney Møller, der skabte verdens største skibs container firma. Til de tørstige kan man nævne vores fantastiske bryggerier, Tuborg og Carlsberg. Jørn Utzon, manden bag operahuset i Sydney. Og jeg bliver vel næsten nød til, at nævne den lille havfrue, der for mange er et symbol på Danmark.

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Chapters of My Country - Denmark
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