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Victoria Falls


23 Oct 2004  thru   5 Nov 2004

Victoria Falls, a Zimbabwe view

Zim and Zam

We flew into Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe via the infamous Johannesburg airport, and true to reputation, Rick's checked duffle bag did not make it.

We were the last to leave the airport between trying to arrange some accommodation and filling out lost baggage forms. After the Accommodation Assistance tried to pull a fast one on us, we decided to go it on our own and met a wonderful and HONEST taxi driver, Lazarus, who found us a great place to stay and 'facilitated' our money changing.

We were a bit anxious about the lost luggage, despite everyone's assurance that this happens all the time through J'burg. But as predicted, the next day it arrived INTACT (probably thanks to Rick's knot at the end of the airporter bag that nobody, sometimes even Rick, could open).

We struggled with the internet on Zim side before finally giving up (that's why the last few journals are not so timely).

We ended up visiting the Falls on the Zim side before moving over to Zambia. This journal chronicles our excapades on both sides of the Zambezi River, by country.

The Chapters of Victoria Falls...
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