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The Baz Bus


1 Mar 2000  thru   20 Apr 2000

The Baz Bus is a great way to get around Southern Africa. It has a "Hop On, Hop Off" policy that really works for those not on a fixed time schedule.

Basically you buy one ticket that will cover the area you are interested in and get on or off the bus anytime or anywhere you want. A day, or at most two days later, another bus will come along and pick you up if you're ready to go.

This Journal will cover a one day Cape Point Tour they offer, and coverage of travelling up the Eastern Coast of South Africa from Cape Town to Kruger Park

The Chapters of The Baz Bus...
Last Updated
Cape Point Tour - Morning  South Africa   5 Mar 2000
Cape Point Tour - Afternoon  South Africa   3 Mar 2000
Cape Town to Wilderness  South Africa   24 Mar 2000
Knysna to Port Elizabeth  South Africa   24 Mar 2000
East London to Durban  South Africa   7 Apr 2000
St-Lucia to Kruger National Park  South Africa   8 May 2000

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Chapters of The Baz Bus
  Cape Point Tour - Morning
  Cape Point Tour - Afternoon
  Cape Town to Wilderness
  Knysna to Port Elizabeth
  East London to Durban
  St-Lucia to Kruger National Park


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