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Wylie and Helene
Lesotho - the Mountain Kingdom


27 Mar 2000  thru   3 Apr 2000

Known as the "Mountain Kingdom", Lesotho is a small country entirely surrounded by South Africa. It sits on a high plateau, with a dramatic escaprment forming its northeast border. This escaprment forms the Drakensberg (Dragon Mountains). From over 3000 meters in the Lesotho highlands, the land drops away to less than 1000 meters in the South Africa plains. This is arguably the most beautiful and dramatic range of mountains in this part of the world.

Lesotho est un tout petit pays au beau milieu de l'Afrique Du Sud. Communement appele le Royaume des Montagnes, l'altitude varie de 1000 metres d'altitude a 3000 metres. C'est beau, sauvage et remplit de possibilites pour les aventuriers.

The Chapters of Lesotho - the Mountain Kingdom...
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Chapters of Lesotho - the Mountain Kingdom
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