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Canyonlands National Park


7 Jun 1999  thru   11 Jun 1999

Our Surburban on the White Rim Road

Camping with Kids in Canyonlands

We're heading off for a 5 day trip into the backcountry. I, Wylie, will be travelling with my two nephews, Brad (age 13) and David (age 10).

We will be travelling around the Island in the Sky district on the White Rim Road. The Island in the Sky is 20 square miles of rolling high desert that sit at the confluence of the Green and the Colorado rivers. It is surrounded by cliffs on all sides that drop 2000 feet to the rivers below.

The White Rim Road follows a bench of white sandstone that lies about half way between the top and the rivers.

This trip required a backcountry permit. Please visit the Canyonlands National Park web site for more information.

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