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Macedonia - A Land of Contrasts


The land in eastern Macedonia near Kriva Palanka

Coming Home...

In my five visits to Macedonia since 1997 I have progressed from the disorientation of a person new to a very different culture - to feeling at home. The chaos of the Skopje Airport [increased by the NATO activity in Kosovo] now seems normal!

My friends in Skopje are convinced that I was Macedonian in a previous life. Hence the soubriquet - "pola Makedonka" [pola means half.] I take this as an honor and, in my own way, this journal is my present to them. My sharing will be both verbal and pictorial, topical rather than chronological.

The journal will be a work in progress...

Here's the popular Makedonsko Devojche to listen to as you read.


The Chapters of Macedonia - A Land of Contrasts...
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Why Macedonia?  Macedonia   16 Feb 2000
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Chapters of Macedonia - A Land of Contrasts
  Why Macedonia?
  On the Vardar
  Ohrid - Moj Roden Kraj?
  Land of Contrasts
  Old Skopje
  More from Ohrid...
  Matka Canyon
  Monasteries... and more Monasteries
  People & Traditions
  Heart & Soul


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