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Residence: U. S. A.
Hi! I'm Sally, born, raised and living in the USA, but, after 5 trips to Macedonia my Macedonian friends call me "pola Makedonka." I hope you enjoy your visit to my Macedonian Journal as much as I enjoy my visits to Macedonia!

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Editor's Choice Macedonia - A Land of Contrasts

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28 Dec 2000
In my five visits to Macedonia since 1997 I have progressed from the disorientation of a person new to a very different culture - to feeling at home. The chaos of the Skopje Airport [increased by the NATO activity in Kosovo] now seems normal! My
The City by the Bay
14 Dec 2000  thru  21 Dec 2000
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18 Jul 2001
We gave our young Macedonian friend, Niki, his choice of US cities for his first visit beyond Chicago [where he is attending college and living with us]. He said "San Francisco!" He got no argument from us! Besides there was a foot of snow on the ground

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