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Wylie and Helene
Hogsback / Away with the Fairies


Hogsback , Eastern Cape - South Africa

Swallowtail Falls

At a Distance

Madonna and Child Falls

Close Up

On the Hike to Hogsback Peak

or Right on the Trail

Waterfalls are springing from everywhere giving their magic to the attentive hiker.

Mother of Invention

We had a torrential downpour one afternoon.

Patricia made quick use of some plastic bags for her forty minute walk back home.

How to Get to Hogsback

The Sugar Shack in East London, nested amongst sand dunes, offers breathtaking views from everywhere you look and free surfing lessons to boot.

It is from here that we headed towards Hogsback, taking advantage of the Shack’s fast and comfortable shuttle system that drops one off at the doorsteps of Away with the Fairies.

Enchanted Forest
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