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Wylie and Helene
Hogsback / Away with the Fairies

Enchanted Forest

Hogsback , Eastern Cape - South Africa

Away With The Fairies

Arriving at Away With The Fairies, Paul, Jenny and the dog Sugar gave us a warm welcome and quickly informed us about the beauties lying at our doorstep.

The only problem was that it was hard to get ourselves away from the warm and cozy living room, with its incredible view of the mountains.

The Dorms make you feel as if you were in the middle of the jungle with greenery climbing up the windows.

Inner Garden

On a rainy or lazy day, the beautiful gardens around Away With The Fairies are very worth sauntering into for a couple of hours.

A troupe of monkeys frequents the premises, as do occasional wart hogs.

You will find yourself in a fantasy world of fairies, gnomes and mushrooms.

Mama Spider

This backpacker sits in the middle of the Ciskei, a used to be homeland during the time of Apartheid. While it has been reintegrated within South Africa’s frontiers, the lack of infrastructure, and the isolation of its population remain.

You really are AWAY in Hogsback.

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