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1 Aug 2003

Marty finds oranges at a roadside orange orchard.


Florida is the sunshine state, but in the winter, we get a few weeks of really chilly weather. Because of the humidity, a freeze in Florida can be really uncomfortable. Orange trees are ripe for picking, and it's really great weather to snuggle up next to a campfire and roast marshmallows. About once every ten years we might actually get a snowflake or two. This makes frontpage news!

Spring is the season for orange blossoms. It smells like lemon supreme cake, a really yummy fragrance. Allergies make my throat close when I smell the orange blossoms, but I still roll the windows down and enjoy it while I can.

Summertime is the rainy season and it's not uncommon to get a thunderstorm daily. It's good to cool things off for evening. Hot and muggy is the way outsiders describe Florida. I just call it home.

Fall is just the step between summer and winter in Florida. We watch the oranges grow, enjoy a little breeze, and the temperature drops to about 75. Only the maple trees lose their leaves. Squirrels are everywhere, tucking acorns in the ground as if they're going to be buried in snow! We end up with a bunch of oak seedlings in the spring.

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