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Jason and Dana Kunzman
Moroccan Madness


1 May 2000

Sally and Lisa put us on our bus to Seville for what we hoped would be a memorable adventure in Morocco. As we pulled away, my teary eyes blurred my excitement for one of our true first bits of world travel.

The Chapters of Moroccan Madness...
Last Updated
Sleepless in Fés 1 May 2000  Morocco   8 May 2000
Our Luck Continues 4 May 2000  Morocco   28 May 2000
The Search Goes On 5 May 2000  Morocco   16 Jun 2000
Tinehir and the Gorge 6 May 2000  Morocco   16 Jun 2000
She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain 8 May 2000  Morocco   16 Jun 2000

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Chapters of Moroccan Madness
  Sleepless in Fés
  Our Luck Continues
  The Search Goes On
  Tinehir and the Gorge
  She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain


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