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Robert Beal
Eastern Washakie Wilderness (Wyoming)


10 Sep 2003  thru   24 Sep 2003

Dear Harriet and Edgar, here, with love, are photographs of our farewell to your son in keeping with his wishes to rest, with his most loyal dog Maggie, in the wilderness he most loved (and wrote about in "Hiking Wyoming's Teton and Washakie Wilderness Areas")—specifically, Burwell Pass between the upper Wind and Greybull Rivers in the southeastern Washakie (wash' a key) Wilderness of the southern Absaroka (locally, ab soar' ka) Mountains.

This primarily volcanic area within the Shoshone National Forest forms the southeastern corner of the Yellowstone ecosystem in Wyoming. We drove into the area via the Wood River Road out of Meeteetse (south of Cody), Wyoming.

On the 8-day, 38-mile, 5-pass homage were Chris Murphy (Boise), Philipp Myer (Boston and Baltimore), Mona Bhalla (Portland, OR), Ted Hand (Tucson), and I (Eugene, OR). Many others, including his mentor, co-author, and friend Ralph Maughan, wished to have had been able to join us; and they were missed. Lee's dear friends Karla Kolb and Chris Wylie provided much needed logistical support for our trip, as did others in Lee's last hometown Boise.

We enjoyed utter solitude for the entire trek, which averaged 10,000 feet in elevation. The average daily minimum temperature was in the low 20s; the average high was in the mid-40s.

The following photos were taken by Ted and Philipp.

The Chapters of Eastern Washakie Wilderness (Wyoming)...
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Upper Greybull River 15 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   27 Sep 2003
Approaching Burwell Pass 18 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   26 Sep 2003
The Farewell 18 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   26 Sep 2003
Spirit Hawk 18 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   26 Sep 2003
Remembrance 18 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   26 Sep 2003
View from Above 18 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   27 Sep 2003
Looking Forward 20 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   27 Sep 2003
Watching Out 17 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   27 Sep 2003
Parting Shot 20 Sep 2003  U. S. A.   4 Oct 2003

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Chapters of Eastern Washakie Wilderness (Wyoming)
  Upper Greybull River
  Approaching Burwell Pass
  The Farewell
  Spirit Hawk
  View from Above
  Looking Forward
  Watching Out
  Parting Shot


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