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Iselda Acosta
Silver State Expedition 2006


1 Aug 2006

Letting it hang after an arduous climb

Hiking the Great Basin Region of Central Nevada

A remarkable yet little known fact about Nevada is that it is the most mountainous state in the country, with over 314 mountain ranges and peaks. On August 12, 2006, I, along with seven others, set out on an extended backpacking trip to explore three of these mountain ranges: the Toiyabe, the Alta Toquima, and Table Mountain in the heart of the Great Basin region of Central Nevada.

The trip was expertly organized and led by Keith Tondrick, a veteran Nevada hiker, who is reverently referred to as "Big Dog" by those familiar with his backpacking prowess.

This journal compiles photographs, poems, and personal essays by trip members.

I. Acosta, Eugene, OR

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