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Iselda Acosta
Silver State Expedition 2006

Ascent to Mt. Jefferson's South Summit

U. S. A.

Keith, Iselda, & Brad at Mt. Jeff's South Summit

Mt. Jeff Climb

On the seventh day of the expedition, we set out to explore the Mt. Jefferson plateau in the Alta Toquima Wilderness, located 65 miles northeast of Tonopah. We started our ascent to the South Summit of Mt. Jefferson (11,941 ft) from the Pine Creek Campground. We hiked seven miles up the Pine Creek Trail to a spectacular lush meadow at the base of the South Summit, where we quickly set up camp alongside Pine Creek, which was generously flowing this time of year, before continuing our ascent to the summit late that afternoon. It was at this point, while setting camp, that we saw our first herd of bighorn sheep, brazenly staring at us from the safe confines of the rocky cliffs, their skins deceptively blending in with the surrounding’s geology. Upon close inspection with binoculars we counted at least 60.

With “Big Dog” Tundrick way in the lead we climbed the steep ridge that forms the eastern wall of Mt. Jeff’s South Summit. The steepness, high altitude, and extremely rocky terrain easily qualified this stretch of the Silver State Expedition as the most strenuous hiking I had done so far. The view from the top was well worth the effort, however. From every angle we had spectacular views of seemingly endless mountain ranges, including an incredible panoramic view of the Toiyabe Range to the west, where we had backpacked the previous six days. As I viewed the vast landscape before me, I had one of those rare moments of complete contentment when my cynical heart manages to open up, however fleetingly, to entertain the lofty notion that all is well with my place in the world.

I. Acosta, Eugene, OR

A View of Mt. Jefferson from Monitor Valley

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