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Why is 25 years old bad luck?

Ok, what's that all about?

Bangkok - Thailand

My Study...

It's been almost 3 years for me as a graduate student. In fact I should have finished my thesis since the last semester or worse, this one. More and more I feel depressed as I finished all classes and even passed the comprehensive examination already. The freedom is calling my name! However, I still am stuck with the research. How frustrating! :( My first terrible luck was that my adviser just ran away and left me at the middle of the semester... great, how could that happen? Then I had to find a new adviser which was difficult because there were not many qualified one, and none was available at all so I had to wait. While waiting, I discussed my friend who was in the same program what I would do and more. Ridiculously enough, I, a few weeks later, found my ideas and some parts of my work in her paper ready to be submitted. How nice! Since I could do nothing, changing my thesis topic and stopping my friendship with her were the first job I could think of. I spent time redo things boringly. Then I got a new adviser and submitted her my draft. Since she had no knowledge and interest on what I was doing, she told me to change to something she was familiar with. I did, and was informed some time later that she was busy and had no time for me and it would be better if I just found a new teacher to help me complete my work. Ok, never mindÖ I was rejected once, so another time didnít make me less of a human! I was lucky enough that one teacher offered me his help. Unfortunately he was not qualified as he didnít hold a Ph.D. and was not a permanent teacher here, so there was still a problem, which was to try to convince the committee that he could help me as he was an English native speaker who had some years of teaching experience and he also got an M.A. So there, I started my work again and hope thereís no other problem this time.

Wish me luck! (I have waited for the teacher to read my paper! Argh!)

P.S. Nothing to do with me being 25 years old??? (silly, I know!)

My Love...

It doesnít seem to be my year of love at all. I started it nicely till I found out it was just another sad thing coming to my life. He was so perfect that I had no idea I would get to have him in my life.

We were great together since the first time we met. Then we learned more that we were also compatible in various kinds of things. Every day I felt thankful to God for making me the luckiest and happiest girl alive. However, that became just a dream when he disappeared just after he said he would come engage me and it's been 6 months or so already! Not even a word to let me know why.

P.S. It is not because I am 25???(silly, I know!!)

My family...

Ok, this thing just recently happened. Just right before my parents' 26th anniversarry (March 18, 2004), my dad asked my mom if she wanted to get divorced so they would pay less tax. How selfish? He cannot find any better reason to be with those other bitches????? I truly can't understand how he can hurt my mom's feeling this much. I have never seen anyone so sacrifice and as good as my mom and if she did anything wrong, I would not say a word. Well, maybe one thing she did wrong is to marry my dad... my dad was born and 48 years later my mom was asked to get unfair!!!!! :( He moved stuff to his new woman's place and after a while they had a car accident. I want to feel sorry for them, but I do not know why I just feel indifferent... Actually dad has unofficially left us for like 10 years and mom is the one who raises two kids on her own. However, she still has hope till he asked her to get divorced... and this thing happened just a week before my 25th birthday...what is it with this horrible belief????????

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