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Why is 25 years old bad luck?

My friends' experience when they turned 25...

Bangkok - Thailand

Bum's 25 years old

Bum is my long time friend. We have been friends since primary school and she is one of my best friends. Before her 25th birthday, she needed to have the operation on her right leg as it hurt a lot and if she didn't do something with it, she would finally be unable to walk. When she was young, she got tetanus and the doctor had to put something into her leg. She had been ok till 2003 before she admitted with everyone that she couldn't stand the pain anymore. She had to quit her job and had the operation as soon as possible. After the operation, she had to go back to her hometown, recovering for some months. This doesn't seem to involve with being 25, but her family believed it and so they made some merits i.e. donate money and stuffs, hoping no other bad luck will come to Bum's life.

Ar's accident

Ar has been my best friends since we were doing our Bachelor's Degree. She just got a car accident and broke three ribs and more. The bus hit the car she was sitting in, nobody else in the car got hurt but her. From this accident, 25 people died and 12 got injured. The thing is, her family also believed that this happened because she just turned 25 years old. Now, they only wish and hope that nothing bad happen to her again because that one was already serious. As for Ar herself, she cannot move nor does she do anything like normal yet. The doctor said she would be better in several months, but she doesn't feel like she would get back to normal at all. I only wish her luck.

The death of Num's friend

Num is both my friend and a boyfriend of Bum, my best friend. Last week, his friend got shot by accident. That person was sitting on the bus and outside the bus were some crazy vocational college students fighting. Nobody knew it would be his last day on earth, as suddenly the bullet came from nowhere and hit his head, and killed him! He was a good student and just graduated and worked as a programmer for not so long ago. Again, his family thought that it was the bad luck from him being 25 years old.

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  My friends' experience when they turned 25...
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