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Origin: England
Residence: Egypt
Originally from Lincoln, went to Uni at Oxford Brookes where I read Anthropology. Then to London to work for 2 years the escaped to Egypt where i am now guiding trips for an Adventure Travel Company.

Here are my different Journals...
Arrival in Egypt
2 Jan 2026
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1 Mar 2002
This journal is so that my friends and family can share my experiences and journeys as I venture round Egypt on my quest to find all that Indiana Jones left behind! Please bare with me as it may take me a few weeks to get it all up and running. But I
Let Loose
2 Feb 2029
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10 Apr 2002
Have just got back from a 5 hour final grilling from the boss! Going through briefings, travel details and situations. However i am over the moon to say i have survived and am now fully fledged and able to take my own trips round Egypt. So will be out
Frantic Pharoah's Flying Felucca's!
2 Apr 2020
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26 Jul 2002
Have been celebrating my achivement of surviving out here for a whole 3 months with a fire Engine cocktail! Yes beleive it or not i have been upgraded to the luxurious life of being a Maitre D'ete on the Amy Cruise Boat! I think after my last
Egyptian Eyes
9 Jul 2002
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16 Sep 2002
The title of this section may appear as though i am ticking off the months of my time in Egypt on a calendar like a prison sentence. I'm not, but i have to keep reminding myself how long i've actually been here as it has passed so quickly that i have

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