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8 Oct 1999  thru   25 Oct 1999

Turquie est un pays qui fascine. De ses ruines les plus connues(Troie, Ephese) jusqu'a ses incroyables plages au milieu de villages musulsmans. La Turquie est un pays qui a su maintenir son independance malgre de fortes pressions faites par les puissances communistes, capitalistes et musulmanes.

Turkey is a land of enchantment. From its well known ruins to it amazing beaches and beautiful culture. A country that has strived to remain independant in the midst of painful pressures from the communist, capitalist and muslim world.

The Chapters of Turquie/Turkey...
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Istambul  Turkey   18 Dec 1999
Gallipoli  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Theatres  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Ruines en Folies  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Ephesus  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Koycegiz  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Sites Sacres  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Butterfly Valley  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Mysterieuse Termessos  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Cappadocia  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Dance du Baladi  Turkey   17 Dec 1999
Bone Yard  Turkey   18 Dec 1999

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