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Wylie and Helene


20 Apr 2000  thru   1 May 2000

Mysterious Baobab

Troubled Zimbabwe

Un pays en presque guerre civile, une population qui s'appauvrit continuellement, un passe entache de colonialisme et un futur plutot obscure. Les vendeurs de souvenirs preferent echanger leurs produits contre des denrees plus rares comme du papier, des crayons, du linge etc.. Ca dit beaucoup de leur monnaie, le dollar Zim.

A country in trouble, a people getting poorer by the hour, a history of colonialism and a futur yet to be decided. The curio shops' owners are more interested in trading goods than getting paid in their plunging currency. I am feeling sad and less hopeful than for South Africa.

The Chapters of Zimbabwe...
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