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Ola Meredith Jedryznski
Borrowing the Earth


14 Aug 2004

This is about my transformation into being a chivani and not being marime.

Feel free to browse, but remember this is not edited. It's free flowing thought about what I'm going through. I made this for me, but anyone is welcome to knowledge.

The Chapters of Borrowing the Earth...
Last Updated
How it all got started... 13 Aug 2004  U. S. A.   18 Sep 2007
Continuing on the path of enlightenment 25 Aug 2004  U. S. A.   28 Sep 2004
The power of females 13 Sep 2004  U. S. A.   28 Sep 2004
Ownership and Other Crimes 4 Oct 2004  U. S. A.   5 Oct 2004
Living the life  U. S. A.   13 Dec 2004
Being on the Offensive  U. S. A.   25 Jul 2005
all things have life 14 Jan 2006  U. S. A.   15 Jan 2006
The 'reality' of ME 2 Aug 2006  U. S. A.   2 Aug 2006
Progression 28 Jul 2007  U. S. A.   28 Jul 2007
the end 6 Jan 2008  U. S. A.   7 Jan 2008

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Chapters of Borrowing the Earth
  How it all got started...
  Continuing on the path of enlightenment
  The power of females
  Ownership and Other Crimes
  Living the life
  Being on the Offensive
  all things have life
  The 'reality' of ME
  the end


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