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Wylie and Helene


11 Jul 1999  thru   17 Jul 1999

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City of Light

Everything they say about Paris is true. It is a city of such size and grandeur that somewhere at sometime what you’ve heard about is going to happen.

I find the French, above all, a civil and cultivated people. To them all I say “merci” for a wonderful time in a beautiful city.

The Chapters of Paris...
Last Updated
Who Cares?  France   23 Jul 1999
Trying to Find Our Way  France   23 Jul 1999
Tour d'Eiffel  France   24 Jul 1999
Bastille Day Parade 14 Jul 1999  France   23 Jul 1999
In Quest of Toilette  France   26 Jul 1999
Anorexie-phobie-jalousie  France   27 Jul 1999
Observations  France   26 Jul 1999

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Chapters of Paris
  Who Cares?
  Trying to Find Our Way
  Tour d'Eiffel
  Bastille Day Parade
  In Quest of Toilette


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