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Wylie and Helene
South Africa


1 Mar 2000  thru   4 May 2000

A Diverse and Beautiful Country

South Africa has captured our imaginations and curiosity. Its rich culture, people and geography has nothing to envy any country.

Nous voila enfin de retour avec GypsyJournal avec plus de photos and histoires a raconter. L'Afrique du Sud nous a totalement enchante avec son peuple colore, sa geographie a vous couper le souffle et ses traditions qui vous transportent.

The Chapters of South Africa...
Last Updated
Homelands / Ciskei  South Africa   7 Apr 2000
Homeland / Transkei  South Africa   18 Apr 2000
Safari 1  South Africa   3 May 2000
Safari 2  South Africa   2 May 2000
The Haves and Have Nots  South Africa   8 May 2000

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Chapters of South Africa
  Homelands / Ciskei
  Homeland / Transkei
  Safari 1
  Safari 2
  The Haves and Have Nots


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