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Green River Float Trip


1 Oct 1998  thru   14 Oct 1998

The Green River has its headwaters high along the western flank of the Wind River Range in western Wyoming. It flows south, through Flaming Gorge, into Utah. 40 miles later it enters the NW corner of Colorado. Here it passes into the Dinosaur National Monument and then re-enters Utah. Continuing south it carves out Desolation, Gray, Labyrinth and finally the Stillwater Canyon before joining the Colorado River 50 miles SW of Moab. The Stillwater section is entirely within the Canyonlands National Park - a feast of color and rock formations.

The water in both Labyrinth and Stillwater is fairly flat, averaging about 2 foot of drop for each mile. So it will be a lazy float with plenty of time to contemplate. We'll be on the river 14 days, and hope to have half of the days to be "lay" days. Where we layover. No packing, no unpacking, just hiking, reading, yoga and contemplation. Most of us practice Buddhism, so there will be plenty of time for meditation also.

Dennis, Dave, Byron, Me and Ron

For company, I have the pleasure of 4 fine lads on this trip: Dennis; Dave; Byron and Ron. Ron is fairly new to canoeing, so he and I will tandem a 16' Coleman. Dennis and Dave both have Old Town Penobscots, and Byron will fearlessly flair an Aire inflatable kayak.

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