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Kirsten K. Kester


We had to think twice before going to Botswana. We've heard that it would be terrible expensive, and not a place to go for buget travellers. But it's actually affordeble, even for the budget traveller.

Allready before we left for this jorney, Dieter said that we would have to go to the Okavango Delta.

And visiting a rehabilitations center was fantastic. It's important to me, telling or learning people, disabled or not, that because you are physical challenged, you have the same rights and you should have the same eager inside you to have a wonderful and rich life - One way or the other.

The Chapters of Botswana...
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Okavango Delta  Botswana   14 Apr 2004
Tsusu Lutheran Rehabilitation Centre  Botswana   16 Oct 2004

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