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Kirsten K. Kester


3 Jan 2003  thru   16 Feb 2003

Actually our main goal in Thailand this time, was to visit friends.

It has been 10 years since we were in Thailand and we were very curiuos just how much it has changed. There are more shoppingmalls, and actually everything seems more western, you can buy all the western food you want to and all the western brands on allmost everything is not a hard job finding.

Bangkok is still a huzzling, buzzling and chaotic city, with maybe more tourist and prostituation - The overcroweded poulluted roads and the poisonious fumes from the cars hasn't changed either. One thing you can say has changed, is that everybody has a cell phone. We've even heard about a buddhist monk sneaking a cell phone out from his orange robe.

Ok. there is one more thing...... Those 7 Eleven, you see them everywhere!

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