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Kaitlyn Adams
*My Birthday*


13 Jun 2003

It's Bout 3:00 on the morning June 14, my birthday was awesome,At Skool Got Lots of exictement from my friends and my balloons i got,and that *MwAh* fom Kel,My friends sang happy birtday to me it was great!,I came home and me and my family laughed and talked and then we had my cake, and i opened my presents an fav. present i got was my big diomond ring!,it was beautiful..and i enjoyed it all..then i talked to mah best gurl Tia n i went to her house n we walked to matts w/ Swiss (her man, Kel And Scott was there rolling bluntz...and we went n smoked it in that squshy lil n Kel jus talked and *MwAh* (Kisses), hes great...and then we left to tias house n watched Friday The 13thIII Ahhh it was scary...then i went home n relaxed..n hung around had lil company Ryan,Jay,Tony, n tonys gurl Mellisa we chilled n talked n wuteva Jay likes me but i told him i dont want him cuz i aint lookin 4 him...(i got kel memba?)lol..n i took a nice long bubble bath listenin to "i Love U" by dru hill.."i luv u even tho i sed that u could leave me" jus luv that song...n then i got on here n now im goin to Happy Bday Me!! 15!!!!

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