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3 Sep 2006  thru   18 Sep 2006

...and away we go!!!!

Bend, Oregon

We started our journey Sept.1 driving from Eugene Oregon to Bend Oregon. Visiting with family,evening meals on the patio;beautiful sunsets and walks along the Deschutes river.

Fantasyland awaits

Los Tres Gitanos do Disneyland!

Definately hit Disneyland the day or two AFTER Labor Day, there was no one in either park, we felt like we had the place to ourselves as we rode many of the rides multiple times without waiting in any lines !!!

Good times!

Chloe was getting tired of all the photos Mom just had to take....until a friendly Disney employee did rabbit ears and other silly antics behind Moms back...the result, smiles all around!

We're all Goofy!

Way cool hands on exhibit! In California Adventure we got to learn how to draw Goofy from a bona fide Disney animator.....some of our drawings even resembled Goofy a little!...and guess who was waiting for us after our drawing class?.....Why it was Goofy himself!

California Screaming

This ride was HUGE!!! Full of ups and downs and all the way arounds. We weren't sure Chloe would really agree to go on this ride, it looked very intimidating.

Result of TWO consecutive rides on the craziest coaster in the park!

Chloe and Melanie

Here we are in the Hollywood back lot where painted sets make up the views.

Chloe meets Cruella

It was terrifying; dropping from the twelfth floor of the Hollywood Hotels' Tower of Terror but as the ride let out, we met someone even more terrifying.....Cruella DeVille herself!!!!!

Is the white rabbit home?

here i am i'm in front of the white rabbit's home! last time we came to disneyland i was five and i knocked on his door to see if he was home. and now, three years later, he still is not home!

i guess he's just never home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made it to Huntington Beach California, home of the OP pro surf competition and....Melanies' old home town!!! We had fun swimming in the ocean, walking along the pier, building sand castles and getting our first SUNBURNS,and hopefully the only one of our trip!


The Chapters of Oregon,California,Arizona...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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