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10 Jan 2005  thru   14 Jan 2005

'BULA' at Fiji's Nadi Airport

Fiji - Viti Levu and Malamala Islands

After 2 wintry weeks back in Canada and wonderful visits with family & friends we departed to the beautiful Fiji Islands. We arrived at the Airport in Nadi at 3am (after 2 very long tiring flights) to be greeted by this amazing Fijian hospitality!

“Bula” is hello/welcome in the native Fijian language and these musicians were wearing the ubiquitous Bula shirts.

This was generally what we found during our stay in Fiji: warmth, friendliness, gracious hospitality and lots of shirts/skirts/dresses with large bright flowers. (Be sure to catch us in ours later!)

PS: The men wear a “sarong-like” skirt as well. Rick did not partake in this though.

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