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Shannon, Tim, Andy, Roger - Dallas Guys


28 Sep 2009  thru   30 Sep 2009


We have not stopped since we got to Munich. We threw out luggage in the apt and went straight away to Oktoberfest. .

We have even decided to come back next year.

We stayed at Oktoberfest until it closed Monday night and we made tons of friends. Yesterday, we went on a walking tour, then the beer challenge and then back to Oktoberfest. Today, we on a castle tour - totally cool - it's the castle used in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Sleeping Beauty, and it's also the castle on Disney's logo. We got back about 8pm tonight and ran by Oktoberfest to get the obligatory t-shirt. We take the trainto Milan in the morning. Prague was great, but Munich definitely does not disappoint.

Here are the pics - enjoy and let us hear from you.

-Andy, Tim, Shannon, Roger

The Chapters of Munich...

My Chapters are coming soon. Please visit again.

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