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Life in Querétaro


11 Feb 2003

My husband Alberto and I were married last July (2002) in Querétaro, Mexico. He is from Querétaro, and I am from a small town in northwestern Illinois. We began dating in August 1998 while I spent my last semester of college studying abroad at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro.

After I returned to the US in December of that year, we continued our relationship in spite of being in 2 different countries. I visited Querétaro for the first time after the semester in December 1999 and then began travelling to Qro about every 3 months until February 2003 when I finally moved here to be with my husband. We have been through a lot in the five years since we met and fell in love, but we fought all the odds, and only through God´s ever blessings in our life, have finally made our dream of being together come true.

If you are family or lifelong friends, welcome to our journal - hopefully it will serve as a way for you to stay updated on our lives while we are far from you. If you are a new friend who just happened across this website and would like to know more of our story, welcome to you too! It is my hope that through our love story, we can encourage others and show how having God's hand and love in our lives is the only way to live and the only way to make it through tough times - which we all will have one day or another! The difference is that through God/Jesus we have hope in tomorrow.

Welcome to our journal and may God bless you and your loved ones!

The Chapters of Life in Querétaro...
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Chapters of Life in Querétaro
  The road trip of a lifetime....
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