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Harpy Eagle Releases in Panama


Working to Conserve Panama's National Bird

The Peregrine Fund has been working to conserve the Harpy Eagle since 1989. The species is being captive- bred at the organization's headquarters--the World Center for Birds of Prey, where five pairs of un-releasable eagles are housed. Progeny from these pairs are being released in areas where the species was extirpated but suitable habitat remains. In addition, field work in Venezuela and Panama yielded important data on the species in the wild. The Harpy Eagle is an exceptional species and we hope to return the species to areas where it formerly existed.

The Harpy Eagle is the most powerful eagle in the world with talons the size of grizzly bear claws. The species is a flagship for the conservation of life's diversity in the lowland rainforests of Latin America. It is one of the first species to be extirpated from altered habitats. As one of the least known species of large predators, there is considerable interest in its role in conserving the ecosystem.

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